This  room  was named after our granddaughter Emily Charlotte. The antique queen  bed  with  it's  high  headboard  is  the centre of attention in this room. The  rich dark  oak  is complimented by the pretty  magnolia blossoms that you  will  find  in  the  wallpaper.  Antique dresser, tables and wardrobe make this  room  a  delightful place to relax at the end of the day.  It overlooks a big field, surrounded by a hedge of pine and spruce trees.  This field is a delightful place to  take a  walk and enjoy the quietness.  Beyond the field you will see crops of potatoes,  wheat  or hay, depending  on what  the farmers  plant.  Along the side of  the field  is a breathtaking display of lupins that bloom from mid June  to  mid July.  The  colors  range  from  whites,  to pinks  and  mauves to purple,  Open the windows and enjoy the fresh air as the curtains flutter in the breeze.  This room  has a  new ensuite  bathroom  with a shower.  The room size is 10'x16'.