What a lovely place to start your day.  Our guests rave about our "all you can eat" country breakfast or as another guest said "a skip lunch breakfast".  We serve bacon. sausages or ham,  eggs, homefries, 2-3 fresh fruit, cut up, 4-5 cold cereals, cheese, tomatoes, muffins or sweets, juice, toast, coffee , tea and herbal tea.  It is served buffet style so you can pick and choose just what you want and as much as you want.  No one walks away from breakfast, hungry.  The dining room looks over our back yard . . Next  to our back yard is a field of potatoes or grain, depending on what the farmer plants.  Beyond the glass patio doors in the dining room, there is a 12 ft X 24 ft. deck . One feature of the dining room is a built in china cabinet that was part of the house when it was built in the mid 1800's.  Through the years, the glass in the doors has curved a bit, adding to the uniqueness of the room.  After breakfast, Arno takes the time to help everyone plan their days so as to get the most out of them. No one seems to rush away from the breakfast table.